Co-Working Spaces In Battersea, London

Good enough for Apple, good enough for you? Located between Clapham Junction and its Power Station, Battersea is becoming an exciting hub to grow your business. It’s also where Apple is creating its massive new London HQ.

Co-WorkingWebsiteCommentsLocationPostcodeTypePrice Hot DeskPrice DedicaedPrivate desk (6 people)Contract LengthBrochureDistance Battersea
Le Bureau space. Lots of room for your business to grow. Magda, the manager, is awesome.BatterseaSW83HECo-working399/month449/month12 months
Idea Space
Battersea Design Works
Battersea Works
Battersea Arts Centre space right in the middle of Battersea. Makes a relaxing change from the usual city coworking feel.BatterseaSW115TNCo-working215/month290/month3 or 1 month
Battersea Studios of options12 months
The light Bulb (WorkSpace) than 30 min
Cargo Works (WorkSpace) space in great location, surprisingly empty. Sean, space manager, cool dude!WaterlooSE1 9PGCo-workingless than 30 min
China Works (WorkSpace) than 30 min
Kennington Park (WorkSpace) / OvalSW96DECo-workingless than 30 min
The Print Rooms (WorkSpace) than 30 min
Hotel Elephant & CastleSE173ALCo-working260/month330/month1650/monthless than 30 min

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