Pre-Seed VCs The UK Shortlist

What came first, the seed or the plant? The Pre-seed! 😊 … A pre-seed VC will invest in ranges between 100K-500K. At this level of investment, it’s generally all about founders, market size and experiments.

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As seed rounds have become bigger and require more proof of traction and product-market fit, a gap has been left for very early stage investors. This is for founders that have an idea and are testing things in an exciting market.

At this stage, the goto fundraising strategy for early startups used to be “love money” from friends and family and small business angels. 

These options are a great character reference, a real proof that people believe in you. However you can get stuck. You can build a product, get a bit of traction but still finish in no man’s land. Absolutely nobody will know you in the VC world. You’ll have to stop everything to jump through the hoops of the seed raising process with all the required due diligence. 

A Pre-seed fund will make you a part of an ecosystem from the start with investors and startups ready for your next steps. Although they are not generally as hands on as an accelerator or incubator, they can provide quality intros and have standard templates for term sheets.

If you add a Pre-seed VC to love money and business angel investments and you could have the perfect combo.

Here is a list of UK based Pre-Seed investors

Pre-seed VCsWebsite
Forward Partners
Hoxton Ventures
Playfair Capital
Passion Capital
Spark Venture Management
EC1 Capital
Fuel Ventures
Walking Ventures
Seed Haus

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