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business ideas

300 New UK Business Ideas Is Not Enough! Go Unlimited.

Yes, you will get a list of new ideas to launch in the UK. But first, here is the game plan to come up with your ...

dark kitchen

Dark Kitchen – How Much Money Can You Make?

We initially wrote this article 3 months before any signs of coronavirus. The interest for dark kitchens was gaining traction but now the world ...

how to start a business

How To Start A Business Today? – The Ultimate Checklist

Starting your own business is the most time consuming, exciting, draining, rewarding, lonely, and social experience ever ...

Grow your business

get more sales

Get More Clients With Google Ads - Follow 28 Simple Steps

If you’re reading this, there is a good chance that you already know why Google Ads should be a key part of ...

make a website

Make A Website (Absolutely No Coding Required)

Whatever your business, you’re going to need a website. And even if it’s just to show your contact details. A website is one of the first ...

new twitter account

34 Dead Easy Rules To Crush Your New Twitter Account

Plan your account – take 10 minutes to give yourself some structure 1 – What is your content about ? 2 – Find out who my target audience ...

Startup funding

pre seed vc

Seed VCs - Don't Miss The Most Active Seed VCs In The UK

Unfortunately, the idea that seed VC money is destined for businesses at the very early “seed” stage of growth is ...

pre seed vc

Pre-Seed VCs - The UK Shortlist Is Out. Fund Your Startup Now.

What came first, the seed or the plant? The Pre-seed! 😊 … A pre-seed VC will invest in ranges between 100K-500K. At this level ...

startup accelerators

Startup Accelerators In the UK. Take Off Lake A Rocket.

Startup accelerators are a great way to boost your business launch. They provide structure and accountability that can sometimes be ...

investor questions

1st Meeting With An Investor? 126 Questions You Should Prepare.

You’ve just scheduled your first interview with an investor? Well done you! Unfortunately, there’s no time for celebration… this is ...

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