18 New UK Business Ideas To Launch In 2020

There has never been a better time to launch a business! Every year we make a list of the top new business ideas to launch in the UK. You’ll see that some ideas are new and exciting, and some are not so new but as the trend keeps growing you should definitely not miss out.

1) Sell products on Amazon

Before you do anything, head over to Alibaba (https://www.alibaba.com/), find a product you like and have a go at negotiating with a supplier. This will be a key part of successfully selling products on Amazon, so make sure you’re comfortable with the hustle.

2) Write a blog

First build a website, then write about what you love and monetise your traffic. If you like writing, this could be the dream business to start. You’ll be surprised how many ways you can monetise a website.

3) Start a shipping company

Specialise in a mode of transportation (ocean, air, road, rail), a type of cargo or even a route from A to B. Negotiate wholesale rates with local suppliers and offer a great customer service. This a very profitable business to get into but it is highly stressful.

In depth guide: how to start a shipping company

4) Build a comparison website

We all need help buying products online. Build a website, review and compare products and get paid each time a client buys with affiliate links.

5) Open a dark kitchen

A dark kitchen is a delivery only food business. Whether you create your own food brand or rent out virtual kitchens to restaurants, dark kitchens are the biggest growing trend in the food industry right now. Find out how much money you can make when you start a dark kitchen.

6) Sell engraved dog tags

Dogs need to have a tag, it’s the law. Invest in an engraving machine (they start at £1000), order some tags on Alibaba and start promoting your service to dog lovers owners. Instagram is a great place to start!

7) Build websites for local businesses

Learn how to build websites with WordPress, create a clear offering and then start knocking on doors. There are tens of webdesign services you can offer from logo making, SEO content to fully working eCommerce websites.

8) Create an online course

The next business idea is about teaching. We are all experts! Find something that you know how to do really well. It can be anything from healthy eating and creating power points to finding the best series on Netflix. A then double down! Become THE expert in that field. Document your method with text, audio and video and sell it.

9) Build a travel activity website

There are tons of travel activity suppliers near you. They are all trying to sell their services in their corner of the internet. Bring them all together on your own travel activity website and receive commission each time somebody books an experience. You can learn how to build a travel website in our “make a website” section.

10) Launch a personalised gift business

Think about all the gifts given around Christmas and Birthdays and find a way to make them personal. People want their gifts to be special and demand for personalised products is growing every year.  Find your niche, launch your very own personalised gift business. Why not start selling on Etsy? This is one of our favourite business ideas.

11) Build a local business directory

It’s more and more confusing to find a local businesses online. Too many comparison sites, too many “get 5 quotes” offers. If you suddenly have run out of hot water and you’re looking for a plumber nearby now… you’re stuck. Build a online directory, sell advertising space to local businesses and use the funds to send them quality clients.

12) Open an Ebay shop

When you’re trying to sell a product online, 50% of the job is getting visitors to see your offer. Opening a shop on Ebay will give you access to a marketplace of millions of buyers from day one. You can also study sales volume from your competition to figure out the next market you should jump into! Ebay is quick and low risk.

13) Become an Instagram influencer

Build your following on instagram and sell promoted posts and sponsored messages. You can even build your own brand selling directly to your followers.

14) Start your own marketplace

Running your own online store is great but managing inventory can be a real nightmare. Build an online marketplace, get other sellers to add their products on your platform for free and take a cut each time a sale happens.

15) Open a clothing line

16) Sell second hand clothes

This business can be started really fast. Open your bedroom cupboard and look for any clothes you haven’t warn in a long time. Then head to Vinted or VestiaireCollective and start selling. Once you get the hang of it, it’s time to hit the charity shops and car boot sales to replenish your stock. This is another low risk business idea.

17) Sell used books on Ziffit (or Amazon)

The last activity in our business ideas list if about your old books! Yes, Ziffit and MusicMagpie will buy your old books. By scanning the bar code with their app you can find out how much each book is worth and then send them off in exchange for real money. You can go one step further by finding the most valuable books and then listing them on Amazon and Ebay. You may need to hold your stock of books for a while but if you’re patient you can get a return of x10 on their value.

18) Start a paid newsletter business

We love this idea at StartUpMag. Write awesome quality articles about things you are passionate about and get paid accordingly. That is every writer’s dream and it can make a lot of money with paid newsletters too!

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