34 Rules To Crush Your New Twitter Account

new twitter account

Plan your account - take 10 minutes to give yourself some structure

1 - What is your content about ?

2 - Who is my target audience ?

3 - Who are the big accounts in my area ? (you'll discover later why this is the most important part to research when you're launching an account)

Example : if you run a twitter account for a dark kitchen: 1) your content is finger licking good looking food 2) your target audience will be local readers and 3) the big accounts in your area will be local newspapers, local influencers, and sports teams.

Create a killer twitter handle 

4 - Do not put numbers and special characters in your handle

5 - Use keywords that explain what you do

6 - If you have a website, keep the name as close as possible


Profile photo - stick out

7 - Try and grab as much attention as you can

8 - Avoid personal pictures


Header picture

9 - Don’t worry too much about it

10 - Use the photo to sum up who you are


The bio will make or break your growth

11 - Answer these 2 questions  :

  • You should follow me because / I will help you to :

  • I will publish this type of content :

12 - Do not talk about yourself

13 - Do not put hashtags

14 - Do not put bit.ly links, they look spammy

15 - Don’t put line spaces, they don’t show up on mobile

16 - Use | to separate important information

17 - Add SEO words if you can, but don’t make the text awkward


Location - do you really need it?

18 - Do not add a location unless it’s really relevant. Use the space to recommend your website


Bad Tweet tactics - these are just myths

19 - Do not follow for follow

20 - Do not spam each tweet with hashtags

21 - Do not start fights with people

22 - Do not tag large accounts hoping for a retweet

23 - Do not tweet 100 times a day

24 - Do not pay for retweets (until you know what you are doing and control your account growth)


Good Tweet Tactics - do these tactics are lot!

25 - Break the tweet up into separate lines

26 - Get straight to the point

27 - Use lists and green checkmarks

28 - Use negativity to your advantage

29 - Tweet frequently

30 - Image tweet occasionally (not too much, they get fewer retweets

31 - Interact with other accounts in your space - help them

32 - Test different tweet formats, keep a log

33 - 50% of your tweets should be replies on other larger accounts


34 - Don’t give up! Building a following takes time, don’t give up!