How To Add Audio To Your Website In 5 steps?

add sound to website

It’s very similar to video where you generally add your video to Youtube and then you embed your Youtube video onto your website. 

For sound, you have 2 main options: SoundCloud and Spotify. Keeping the comparison to Youtube alive, Soundcloud is to Youtube what Spotify is to Netflix. It’s the idea that you create your following on SoundCloud and then you sell your rights and make money with Netflix.

Early days, so let’s start by building our following on SoundCloud.

Step 1: Create your free account on SoundCloud

Step 2: Upload your sound file

You will be able to delete and resubmit your sound file at any time. But you will not be able to do any sound editing on SoundCloud,

Step 3: Optimise your track

Make sure you are found by adding more information about your track.

  • Title

  • Tags

  • Description

  • Public or Private

  • Picture representing you or your sound

Step 4: Collect your embed code on SoundCloud

First you collect the embed code on SoundCloud. From here you can edit the colour and the size of your audio reader.

Step 5: Share your file on your website

Then in a second stage you add this piece of code to your article page on your website. This will show the sound reader to your visitors.

And that’s it. You have now added audio to your website.