Change Your Business Name In 6 Easy Steps

change business name

You may need to change your business name if you're launching a new product, have a trademark issue or simply want to start a business. It seems quite daunting, but modifying your registered company name has become really easy, fast and quite cheap. You have 2 options:

- speedy change for £30

- standard change for £8 

The only difference is the standard change takes a few days.

Step 1: Head to the to start the process

change of business name

It feels like you’re going to download a form, but actually it just send you to your online companies house account.

Step 2: Login with your email and password

change business name 2

Step 3: Sign in to your company account

change business name

Your authentication code can be resent out in a few days if you’ve lost it (happens to me all the time ;-)).

Step 4: Business dashboard on companies house

change business name

There’s a lot of information here that can make this step confusing.

Top right > Click on forms

Step 5: Choose your change of business name form

change business name

Click on the 6th link of the list: “Change of name”

Step 6: Change the name

change business name

2 boxes to fill in and you’re good! That was easy. You’ll get an update by email as soon as it’s active.

You’ll then need to remember to change your name on:

  • Business bank account

  • HMRC

  • Your Invoices