The Guide To Coworking Spaces in Brixton, London

coworking space brixton

I moved to Brixton 6 months ago, and I freaking love the place. Never have I seen such a mix of so many different characters in one place. This place definitely gets your creative juices buzzing with energy. A great place to work and play!

Brixton is in south London. It's on the Victoria line. So it's quite easy to reach central London. It's a very vibrant community, lots of shops, lots of restaurants, lots of nationalities, and there's seven or eight coworking spaces in the center.

The Piano House

First there's the sexy piano house. I first visited this office 12 months ago. But now there’s an update :

I’ve now just moved in :-)

coworking space brixton pianohouse kitchen

The Piano House is right in the heart of Brixton, the building entrance is very impressive. The co-working space is large, and has been split into :

  • 28 dedicated desks
  • 2 x meeting rooms
  • 1 awesome kitchen with a ping pong table.
coworking space brixton pianohouse

And there is also a crazy beautiful rooftop terrace.

coworking space brixton pianohouse roof terrace

The vibe here is focused and hard work in the coworking space and play in the kitchen area. This is perfect for me.

The rest of the building has 6 startups and the basement is a branch of Soho House.

Mel manages the building, as is really cool!

The price for a dedicated desk is £300+VAT/month.

Impact Brixton

There's also Impact Brixton which is more of a social co-working right in the center on Electric avenue.

Department Store Studios

Department Store Studios is a massive renovation that happened right in the center of Brixton. There's a rooftop. There's a cinema and there's a first floor co-working space. It's a bit expensive at £375+VAT a month. It's clearly an offering that wasn't there before.

3 Space International

3 Space International house is quite a rare coworking space. Spread over 12 stories, it's a mix between floors given for free to charities and member based coworking and private office space. It just feels like great place to be in. Annnd there is a rooftop with picnic tables for chill time. At £225+VAT/month for dedicated desks, it's one of the cheaper coworking spaces in Brixton and London.

Here's a full list of coworking spaces in Brixton below:

Co-workingWebsiteLocationPostcodeTypePrice Hot DeskPrice DedicaedPrivate desk (6 people)Sector
Impact Brixtonhttps://impactbrixton.comBrixtonSW98PQSocial Co-Working294/mo348/mo  
Piano House + Private office    
MeanWhile Space   
Caya Club / Coffee shop15/day   
465 Brixton    
3 Space International 225/mo1350/mo