Manage Your Clients With The Best CRM Software🚀

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Too many clients should be a good thing but it all can quickly become quite messy. A good CRM software will help you keep track of who needs to be called next. The best CRMs will be fully integrated into every step of your activity. 

In the early stages of a startup, the sales process generally go like this:

You get a few leads that you call immediately. The leads don’t convert straight away but you put a note on your files to call them back later. Then you call a few more leads and a few more.. you think you are on top of things. But at the end of the year, when you look at the numbers, you start crying! You don’t understand why your conversion rates are so low???

Maybe all you need is to install a CRM software?

CRM means customer relationship manager. It’s a piece of software that allows you to track the progress of sales in your organisation.

Now CRMs used to simply be a glorified spreadsheet where you would list who you called and set a time slot in your calendar to call them back later. And to be honest, if you doing that, it’s already a better setup than most businesses. But it’s definitely not enough.

CRMs have now become experts at lead nurturing. And nurturing is how you transform a basic lead into a paying client.

How do CRMs nurture prospects?

A sales process starts with a lead, a first point of contact between you and your potential client. This lead can be an email, a phone call, an exchange of business cards, a form or even a text message. 

However the source of a lead has become just as important. The expectations of a prospect that sends an email after a physical meeting at an event are completely different from a prospect who sends an email after seeing your ad on Google. 

There are now so many lead sources and so many lead formats that manually tailoring your sales process has become impossible. Add to that ever shortening client attention span and nurturing your leads properly becomes key to any sales operation.

This is where the best CRMs come in!

Automate your whole sales business in a few clicks

Not only does this software allow you to track your sales process reminding your sales team to keep the client relationship solid. But it now gives you automation tools to streamline your process without manual input.

You simply define the stages of your sales process and as soon as your prospect goes from one stage to the next, you can create automatic events that trigger actions that will nurture your client until they are ready to buy.

Automation example 1

If a prospect fills in a form on your website - trigger the actions:

Send prospect to dashboard to simulate quote

+ Send notification to sales team to call prospect

+ Send interactive brochure to prospect by email

Automation example 2

If prospect goes from “Call 1” to “Answer machine” - trigger the actions:

Send automatic email

+ Send automatic text message

+ Add prospect to calendar for a call in 14 business hours

You can also link other software such as calling apps to track speed of calling efficiency.  Or accounting software to automatically send quotes and track payments.

CRMs are now really affordable and you’ll definitely see a transformation in your business once you start structuring your sales. It also creates a good environment for your team. Each employee will save time on admin and be able to focus on building quality relationships with their clients.

You can head over to our CRM software comparison to find the software that is most suited for you. Most CRMs offer a free trial version so don’t hesitate to plan a demo with 1 or 2 of them.