27 Google Ads Strategies To Double Your Conversion Rates

google ads strategies

Google Ads only works if you get the right message in front of the right visitors and then provide them with the right experience. And that's hard! We've made it easy for you with 27 unique strategies and tactics to boost your conversion rates. If you use this page as a checklist for each of your ads, your business will never be the same again.

This is just a summary, for more, head over to our the full step by step guide to launching perfect Google Ads campaign.

Headlines and Descriptions

1) Give you clients a solution. Don’t repeat their problem. This is about knowing your market.

Example: Search: “Sell my car” -> Ad Headline: “We will buy your car”

2) Use numbers but not exact numbers.

3) Include price, promotions, sales, exclusive offers, reviews as long as they are true

4) Too cheap can seem too cheap to be true.. Or fake!

5) Don’t use unproved superlatives in your Google Ads but if it’s legitimate and verifiable then use them

6) Don’t talk about you, only about what you can do to help

7) Appeal to Users’ Sense of Entitlement : Address your audience: You/Your : make it personal > we will protect your best interests (divorce lawyer).

8) Try and create emotion: Positive: hopefulness, relief, and the feeling of being liked or admired by others Negative: avoid going to jail + Don’t lose your dog / Dog tags it’s the law!

9) Remove objections: List common objections to your service and address those preemptively in your ad copy.

10) Highlight what makes your company unique. Legitimacy. Social proof. How many items have you sold? How many people came to your event?

11) Use a registered or trademark symbol in your ads

12) Use offline sales psychology tactics: scarcity, urgency, interest, motivation and triggers

13) Most people make decisions based on the Google Ads headlines… put your efforts in headlines

14) Use all the space: put most important copy at the beginning

15) Unique selling point: why are you different?

16) Don’t forget your call to action (CTA): Start your call to action with a strong verb – something like “Get,” “Save,” “Build,” or “Join.”

17) Focus on benefits if you are offering a new service or product.

18) Focus on features if your product or service is already known. You need to show how you are different.

19) On mobile: if you have text/call/location then make sure you use these extensions.

Don't forget your display Url

20) Display URL: put main keyword + heavy call to action

It's not just about Google Ads!

Optimising your Ads is just one part of the magic combo: Keywords + Ads + Experience. You will only start performing well with Google advertising when you work on these 3 elements together.

Think of each keyword searched by users as a different state of mind. And this mindset could generate a completely different reaction when they land on your website.

21) Add at least 2 ads in each adgroup

22) Don’t forget sitelinks

23) Don’t forget you callouts

24) Create 1 dedicated landing page for each ad

25) Align ad copy with your landing page

26) Make sure your landing page is appropriate and connected to you ad. Your landing page should be an extended version of your ad. Mess it up and you ad relevance will go down and cost per click will go up.

Optional Google Ads

27)If you can go local, go local!