Optimise Your Amazon Product Titles In 5 Steps

amazon titles

1) Check where you are

For each listing search your seller rank

How to find it?

- Go to your product listing

- Scroll down to:

amazon seller rank

2) Grade your listing

This is a cool little tool to find out if you’re going in the right direction with your Amazon title optimisation:

Jungle Scout Grader

3) Keyword research

Use Google keyword planner to find our what buyers are looking for when they think about your product.

Link to Google keyword planneramazon keyword research

4) Start optimising your Amazon product listing title

- Once you've made your keyword researched list, smartly insert the relevant keywords into your title and the rest of your product page. Remember to think about the user first > no keyword stuffing.

- Amazon allows you to use 250 characters for each title… use all of them

- First 5 words in your product title are the most important

- Write “and” instead of “&” unless it’s in the brand

- Write numbers as numerals, not words

- Units of measurements should be spelt out and not abbreviated

- Avoid putting prices, promotions, symbols in the title

Based on our estimates, a good title only impacts about 20% of a good Amazon product rank. If you want to dig deeper:

Ultimate guide to higher product ranking

5) Check your progress

It can take a few weeks for your seller rank to increase. Make a habit of noting your modifications and regularly checking your progress.

Amazon optimisation can get very time consuming. Developers have created third party software to help you a long the way. You'll find a non-exhaustive comparison of Amazon software here