34 Cool Tools To Run Your Business

cool business software

Use tools and business software to help you manage and grow your startup. You do not need to do everything yourself. Developers have created really cool systems to automate the most boring tasks. This is a list of cool tools that should make you grow faster and save lots of precious time.

1) Manage your clients with a CRM

Who has contacted who? Which client is ready to buy? Which partner should we call back next year? CRM software will help you structure your sales process.

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2) Accept card payments online and in your store

No money, no business! Payment providers prices vary drastically. Get it wrong and you will loose thousands in commission every year.

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3) Do your accounting without paper

Accountants are humans. They make mistakes and they are also expensive. By using online accounting software your accounts will automatically be setup in the most efficient way for your annual return.

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4) Make your website with Wordpress

By now you must all know our love for Wordpress. It's probably our favourite software in this business tools list. Wordpress powers over 30% of all websites and is completely free. You do not need to know how to code and you can literally build any type website.

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5) Manage your Amazon inventory

Get an alert when it's time to order new products, find new trends, optimise your titles and boost sales with Amazon advertising.

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6) Is your business growing?

Tracking your visitors is a key indicator of business growth.

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